2nd Merit List Cutoff 2009




Arts (Sindhi):56.5%

Arts (NON SINDHI): 77.67%

Science (Sindhi): 68.67%

Science (NON Sindhi): 86%

Commerce (Sindhi): 77.75%

Commerce (Non SIndhi): 84.8%


Arts (Sindhi):  65%

Arts (Non Sindhi):  69%

Science (Sindhi): 70%

Science (non sindhi): 74%

Commerce (Sindhi): 73%

Commerce (Non Sindhi) : 79%

Usha Pravin Gandhi College Of MAnagement (UPG)

486/600 – 478/600  81.00% – 79.67%       OPEN CATEGORY Commerce

452/600 – 435/600  75.33% – 72.50%        Open Category (Arts)

477/600 – 457/600  79.50% – 76.17%       Open Category (science)

398/500 – 453/600  79.60% – 75.50%       Sports Quota,etc…

461/600 – 454/600  76.83% – 75.67%       Gujarati Minority



SCIENCE: 87.17%

Commerce: 86.5%

Arts: 81.6%

SINDHI – 71.33 (arts), 72.2 (science), 78.17(commerce).

jai hind (commerce) 89.8 %

wilson(commerce) 82


Arts: 71%

Science: 81.83%

Commerce: 79.5%


SCIENCE: 67.17%

ARTS: 76.67%

COMMERCE: 60.07%



No Second List







ARTS: 78.33% (Open) Minority = 61.67%

Commerce: 84.6% (Open) Minority =80%

Science: 78.5%(Open) Minority= 62%

Reserved Category: 71.61%

Sports Category : 65.5%

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76 thoughts on “2nd Merit List Cutoff 2009”

  1. hey i gave my 12th in 2008 in science n i got 71.33%..i hv applied in kc college for bmm,,n i do hv sindhi minority,,bt i havent yet got through 2nd merit list..can u tell me at wht % they close their list for sindhiz in science stream n how many list they put,,i mean they put 3cut of list or 4?

  2. hi i gave my 12th in 2008,n i got 71.33% in science stream.i have applied for bmm in kc n i do have sindhi minority,bt my name hasnt yet come in 2nd list.do you think il get through 3rd merit list in kc,n hw many list do they put,i mean they put 3 merit list or 4?

    1. hi Sneha…nice to see that you have scored well and top of that waited also till you get through your dream course BMM…No thats passion for SUre…

      Well, KC will come up with the third merit list….

      And how many lists will come out yet is a mystery ccoz it depend really on the availalbility of the seats….
      I think that you should get through in the 3rd list anyhow because its expected to touch a percent less and go till 71.2% depending on the admissions taken in the second list ….Wish You all The Very Best and do keep me updated about your progress though…..

      Thank you….

      Keep Posting and get your doubts cleared!!

  3. i scored 71.33% in commerce stream in khalsa college….i want admission in BAF in khalsa college . r der any chances of getting thru.??
    coz i did not hav my name in the first 2 lists……

  4. i have scored 62.4% and filled up forms in this few colleges for BMM.?

    what are the chances…

    or else is there any other college which can be availabel??

    1. Hi sourabh,
      yes there are chances in RITUMBARA, and NL college..not too sure about BHAVANS..Lets wait for the third list and i will make the picture more clearer for you then…..

      Name the colleges that you have applied to??

    1. thank you sourabh for complimenting my work…..
      There are chances for you in PATKAR as well…so dont worry and just consult me before taking you r final college choice as all the colleges are ranked just one step above the other…I will make sure that you get into the Best BMM College!!

  5. hey can you plz tell me the cut off % for bmm in kc college in science stream for sindhi quota ASAP,coz they are nt pickin up the phne.plz i need 2knw it urgently.

  6. hey can you plz tell me the cut off % for bmm in kc college in science stream for sindhi quota ASAP,coz they are nt pickin up the phne.plz i need 2knw it urgently.
    thnk yu

    1. hi sneha…Please check out the cutoff for 2009 section on the BLOG…i have uploaded all the cutoffs there…

      SCIENCE: 87.17%

      Commerce: 86.5%

      Arts: 81.6%

      SINDHI – 71.33 (arts), 72.2 (science), 78.17(commerce).

      Let me know about your progress !!
      Happy to HELp!!

  7. hi… m from delhi cbse commerce with 75.20 open category…. I got in bhavans and raheja in second list……but i didnot reserve seat as i have hopes with good colleges…..will i get admissions in these colleges even aftr 3rd n 4th list if i dont get nywhr else…..????
    i hav filled for nationals MMK hinduja andrews khalsa and ruia….
    i desperately want to be in andrews..wat r my chances?????

    1. Hi swati,
      As you said that you have got in HINDUJAS, so firstly CONGRATSS for the same….
      Also, i would like to say that you might get into MMK but it would be touch and go…also andrews is something very unnpredictable at the moment….
      It will close in at a very low margin now…So book a seat in HINDUJAS as of now…

  8. andrews 1st n second cut offs for…..
    commerce (open)-78%( did not get dowm from 78)
    MMK 2nd list Commerce (open) 77.47%
    now plz tell me how down it can go??????


      Hinduja could go down 74% (all lists closed)

      Khalsa could go down till 77%…

      But are you sure abt these cutoffs coz the other people on the blog have submitted a different cutoff list??

  9. hi..m from delhi cbse commerce (open category) 75.20%
    I have applied colleges whose cutoffs for 1st n 2nd r:
    ruia -81%
    ushaparvin gandhi-79%
    andrews-78%( did not get down from 1st to 2nd still 78)
    I had three colleges in mind….bhavans hinduja n andrews…
    i got thru bhavans n hinduja in 2nd n 3rd cutoffs but still waiting for andrews desparately….do u think i shud secure my seat in hinduja or wait for andrews…wat r my chances for andrews??????

    1. hi swati,
      i would like to addvice you that you should go ahead and book your seat in hinduja….
      Andrews has not come down in the second list and the same is unlikely to come down in the 3rd list till 75.2%…

      Book your seat in HINDUJAS and if you get in ANDREWS, then shift to ANDREWS…dont go for BHAVANS or MMK…
      EVEN USHA PRAVIN GANDHI is expected to close at 78.85% as far as my analysis are concerned….

      So dont take chances and dont play with your career….

      Keep Posting and get your doubts cleared!!

  10. hey thanku so much for ur valuable advice……..
    n the cuttoffs i told u r true but not very exact…..
    actually i have applied for ba journalism n mass media in delhi also n i got through all the good entrances examinations…….
    so its kind of choosing favourite flavour among all the yummy ice creams…..so m kinda confuse….i think i will get more exposure in mumbai then delhi…but education in delhi have more value i guess….
    plzz help……….

    1. Hi Swati,
      No its not that ….Both are different boards and both have different methodology and exxposure….But I know for sure that you will do well in MUMBAI…
      Also BMM is the flavour of the day!!

      Also The Fees out here is worth it!!
      So go For AAMCHI MUMBAI….

      ok..Let Me know your Decision

  11. hey manish yaar, yest 3list was out

    Ritumbara :69%
    Patkar: 71%
    NL: 69%
    Bhavans: 73 %

    yaar dont know abt Sk somaya, but is there any chances now too get in to any collges with my 62.4%!!!
    realy tensed!!
    is thre any other option now left

    1. hi sourabh,

      Very tough to get into any college with 62.4% as of now….coz many colleges have not even issued a 3rd list, because of which the cutoffs in other BMM colleges is ending on a high……If you seriously want to try for BMM, then go and talk to coordinatord in Ritumbara, NL and LORDS College….

      Keep Me updated about your PROGRESS!!

      And let me know if i could help in any way!!

    1. hi aditya…..
      i have uploaded the cutoffs of the 3rd list in BMM 2009 CUTOFFS section on the BLOG…MMK is there…you could check the same …..

      SINDHI- Science= 60% ; Commerce = 68%

      SPORTS :68%

      Non Sindhi:- Commerce= 75% ; Science =70%; Arts= 70.5%

      For your comfort, i have replied the cutofffs..if you want to know any other cutoff, then visit that section of BMM 2009 CUTOFFS

      Happy to Help….
      thank You

    1. Hi Shaniya…i have uploaded the 3rd lidty cutoffs on BMM 2009 CUTOFFS section on my blog..You can follow that…I doubt in HINDUJA though…
      But yes there is one more list to come out on the 26….
      Even SIES SION seems to bbe doubtful…..
      And well KHALSA could be 50-50 as of now….what was the cutoffs for khalsa in the 3rd list???

    1. hi Shaniya,
      i would advise you to wait and watch now …But have you just tried in the prviously mentioned colleges only or have you like tried in any other colleges as well??

      And is MANAGEMENT QUOTA running on the back of your mind ??

    1. Hi Shaniya,
      the 4th list was supposed to come out today….Buddy
      And would be updated if someone contributes the same….
      And great to know that you still have chances at KHALSA…..

      Do keep me updated about your Progress though……

      And keep Shooting Queries …..

      Stay In touch

  12. hi Manish!
    is MET a good college for BMM?

    i wanted to start early.. wud u advise me some books for a stronge base or course related notes for 1st semester pls..

    u r a true support..
    now i know whr to get all my doubts cleared..

    1. Hi Shaniya,
      And MET does not have a BMM course….It has this advance diploma in mass media which is just like a Post Graduation course in ADVERTISING!!
      I have uploaded all the notes and projects as well on the site….


      They have been uploaded under BMM paradise section on the SITE!!

      Go through the same and revert back!!
      You can download them….I have uploaded them for all 36 subjects also Separately for Journalism….

      I hope it helps!!

      I will be conducting a CONTEST in which you can win exclusive SCHOLARSHIPS and make your career in any field like RJ,DJ,SCRIPTING,EDITING,DIRECTION,ACTING,and many more…You just name the course and we will have it done for you….
      We will make your career and you shall remember us for a long time to come!!
      The contest is scheduled to start in the next 2 days or might be a bit earlier than that…So keep VISTING the BLOG and GET yourself BIG in the MEDIA field….

      Happy to Help!!

    1. Hi vaibhav….
      The list shows only the percentage cutoffs and to find whether ur name is there in the list, you need to visit the college and ask the authorities or check your name in the list put up in the respective college

  13. hey manish i gave my 10th frm NIOS board i secured 389/600… v were told that v can remove one subject’s total so then my total comes upto 344/500 that increases my percentage to 68.80.. now what i wanna kno is how are the marks being calculated for NIOS board cuz ICSE students had to do some calculations.. please help me with this

    Thank You

  14. Hi sir how are you?.
    Sir teacher has given one sociology project to us and the topic is “Media portrait of the institute of marriage”.It means I have to done project on the Institute of marriages like Shaadi.com and all that.I added the various marriage acts in my project.Help out me sir what I have to do exactly?.

  15. Hi!!! my name is prabhakar. I’m staying at wadala Mumbai. I got 62% in HSC & i wanted to do BMM . so can you please suggest me some good colleges for BMM in mumbai. I’m from open category. And again I passed the HSC in March 2008 so there is 2 years gap so please tell me is there any problem taking admission in FYBMM

  16. i have scored 65.66% and filled up forms in nl(malad) college for BMM.?

    what are the chances…

    or else is there any other college which can be availabel??

    m inhouse studenet

  17. i have scored 65.66% and filled up forms in this few colleges for BMM.
    nl saraf n thakur
    what are the chances…

    or else is there any other college which can be availabel??
    and m from commers n m from nl coll

  18. i scored 79.66% in 12th commerce stream.
    i want to do bmm
    in which colleges shud i apply???
    what is the scope of bmm and what shud i pursue after bmm????
    is ruia , somiya a good college for bmm

  19. Hey.. i have scored 63.17%.. nd m from reserved category… so which coll can i get addmission in????? Plzzzzz help!!!!!! M very worried!!!! I dont thnk i stand a chance for BMM!!!!! Wat do You think????